Effective Application Management & Support

Our Application Management & support services for applications, middleware platforms, and technologies includes operations, deployment, production support, release and change support product support

Managing operations

Operation management Includes performance and capacity monitoring of applications. Also includes incident management activities such as incident recording, initial investigation of issues; tracking and escalation management, and closure; user administration and service reporting.

Production support

Production support team delivers a detailed analysis of incident, incident resolution, and problem management activities such as orchestrating end-to-end workflows for business areas through proactive business process continuity and failure point assessment with root cause analysis and fixes.

Release and change support

Comprises setting up of various staging and quality assurance environments, release management, change management activities such as release coordination, emergency releases, build and support resource deployment, and configuration management.

Product support

IT product support includes maintaining product performance, up-time and scalability monitoring, user management, application release plan, deployment management, and configuration management for Web servers, application servers, database servers, middleware infrastructure, BI analytics and reporting services.