IT Outsourcing Services — Offshore Development Process

Our offshore IT team works with you to design and execute your operations at reduced cost resulting from fewer capital investments and staffing requirements, less overhead for you. Offshore IT services of Logica Infotech enable you to take the advantage of on-demand access to the latest technology at reasonable cost.

Application Outsourcing

The advantages of IT Outsourcing Services are well understood and appreciated by businesses and organisations across the globe. IT outsourcing services have emerged as one of the most effective and convenient method to optimize operational cost with best delivery model and least turnaround time with the prevailing business requirements for customers and thus enabling them to maximise ROI.

We provide IT outsourcing services both to offshore and onshore businesses and global customers with skilled of IT consultants. Our IT team have cutting edge expertise in all the major web and software development technologies and developments. We have a strong suit of competencies that include Java, PHP, ASP.NET, MVC, iPhone, Android etc. that has given us a keen insight into various business segments and their specific requirements.

Protection Intellectual Property of Customer is the key driver, devoted to protecting intellectual property and business knowledge of our clients. We recognize importance of protecting customers’ information and express strong commitment to safeguarding their privacy. Hence, respective ethical rules and privacy policies have been adopted at Logica Infotech Services.

We maintain high level of employee credibility through Non-Disclosure Agreements that comply with international standards and are designed for thorough protection of project information. All sensitive information that is passed on to Logica Infotech Services during the project life cycle is stored in a secure environment.

We practice enhanced communication procedures, effective communication to customers is the very essence of outsourcing business and we take this very seriously indeed. We deploy the best technology in the business to ensure that the channels of communications never ever break-down.

We render our application outsourcing engagements to meet your specific needs, carefully considering size and complexity of your business process or knowledge process. Whether providing skilled IT professional to supplement your staff or engaging in a strategic partnership to drive business outcomes, we support your IT application development, IT application outsourcing for end to end management of your IT needs. We provide customer process oriented approaches and offer a flexible spectrum of application outsourcing services: