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Logica Infotech designed and developed as well as implemented offline PDF form submission automation for USA based client.

Business Need

Offline PDF Form Submission system is built for the B2B client users and these forms are generated for several Insurance Policy Purchasing forms to be filled by client users for different state. Earlier Word document attachments were sent by email to client users. Reviewing these PDF forms was a hectic task for the clients’ internal users as these forms differ from state to state and exchange of PDF forms through email was unmanageable.

The Solution

We analyzed and re-designed client’s business process and client adopted IT process outsourcing as part of its operating model to improve efficiencies, rationalize costs and enhance competitiveness for offline PDF form submission insurance policy purchasing process. In 2009, they partnered with Logica Infotech in order to tap into our deep domain expertise and IT design, development, implementation and managed support excellence.

We have provided the extensive consulting, migrating, and executing large and complex business functions and processes in a global delivery framework. Our Solutions include following key differentiators of ensuring client’s business or knowledge process integration and automated processes for:

  • PDF forms are created by using Adobe Acrobat X and sent dynamically through the Client Desktop application to the B2B clients with auto generated Submission ID.
  • We used web service for collecting forms’ data to the client database. The channel is made secured by deploying the web service in web server and allowing the access through HTTPS.
  • PDF forms are filled up by clients at their own convenient time and send across the data through secure channel.
  • Email notification sent to the internal user when B2B client submits the PDF Form.
  • Internal uses can review the forms data through a Desktop application module and send their remarks through the same module. Emails are generated through the Desktop application and sent to the B2B clients and paper-based processes was replaced.

Key Customer Benefits

By reducing cost of operations and enhancing customer service, the Logica Infotech team has extended the client’s need for offline document processing by implementing PFD forms which can be filled up offline and submit data when user is comfortable that all information are being collected and compiled. Specific benefits delivered to the client by the Logica Infotech team include:

  • Certain tasks are executed offline by using offline PDF forms.
  • Offline form completion and submission do not require logging in the portal.
  • Paper-based processes need to be replaced or facilitated.

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