IT Consultancy to Optimize your Business Process

Offshore IT consultancy is the advisory service that help you to leverage the competitive advantages by selecting right IT strategy that derive your business growth by creating new revenue verticals, reducing costs of your established processes. Our IT consultants work closely with you to learn your business vision & assist you to achieve your business goals in the most cost-effective model.

IT Consultancy and Business Process Optimization
Offshore Development Process

Our offshore IT team works with you to design and execute your operations at reduced cost resulting from fewer capital investments and staffing requirements, less overhead for you. Offshore IT services of Logica Infotech enable you to take the advantage of on-demand access to the latest technology at reasonable cost. We practice enhanced communication procedures, effective communication customer is the very essence of outsourcing business and we take this very seriously indeed. We deploy the best technology in the business to ensure that the channels of communications never ever break-down.

Offshore Development Process
Develop IT Strategy and Architecture Roadmap

We design and implement the IT strategies that align IT plans with your business strategy which enable you to manage the operational delivery according to your business needs. Effective Application Management & Support. Elastic resources to scale up or down quickly and easily to meet demand, by using SaaS so you only pay for what you use.

IT Strategy and Architecture Roadmap
Integrated IT & Business Process Optimization

Our offering enables you to optimize your business and IT processes to automate and streamline the customer needs. We use an integrated service delivery approach - integrated IT & business process optimization services to customers for improved IT Performance and IT Scalability. Outsourced IT services based on cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand on a pay-for-use basis.

Business Process Optimization
Agile Vs. DevOps Application Development

We effectively manage your application development portfolio through customizable solutions by leveraging our proven deployment procedures and industry best practices. We deliver consistent business value with business-driven IT and offshore application development using Agile and DevOps methodologies. DevOps with Agile practices are the key for success of project. While Agile can make sense independent of DevOps, it can be more complete when accompanied by DevOps practices with offshore IT Team.

Application Development Services
Effective Application Management & Support

Our Application Management & support services for applications, middleware platforms, and technologies includes operations, deployment, production support, release and change support product support, with the agility to adapt the "always-changing" business circumstances and the capability of taking the advantage of technical innovations.

Application Management & Support

Best IT Services for your Business

We provide collaborative IT Services to global leading organizations, we solve IT service challenges by optimum composition of offshore and on-site IT teams with collaborative operations approach between onsite and offshore. Logica Infotech Services practice in IT consulting and IT outsourcing services with dedicated IT Consultants who can be deployed offshore or onsite based on project resource requirements.

Our Offshore IT Consulting Services help clients to create competitive advantage and develop new business models with productive utilization of IT outsourcing services, with integrated IT Services and KPO services. IT consulting team has skills and expertise to implement new technologies for your enterprise, with well balanced approach to deploy middleware IT services to maintain your legacy IT systems. IT consulting team helps to Design, Develop, Deploy and Support your enterprise applications. Our IT service offerings are as follows:

We specialize in Offshore IT services by identifying, evaluating, and delivering qualified IT consultants and professionals to provide committed Outsourced IT consulting services with the right the people, tested processes. The fundamental principles we follow for each IT services:

  • Collaborative approach to work with your team.
  • Design IT processes & produce better software.
  • User experience (UX) focus with UAT Design, and Testing.
  • Customer satisfaction and participation is ensured.

Contact Us to explore how our Offshore IT Services and Outsourced IT Solutions that can help your organization with collaborative business experience approach.