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Having 27 years of experience in IT consulting services, mobile application development, managed customer business processes across USA, UK, India and other countries. Managed rmation technology implementations with quick turnaround time, dedicated teams, significant cost reduction and improved quality. Managed automated the outsourced process for Banking, Insurance, Financial and legal and Healthcare BPO services.

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IT Consulting Services

IT consulting and Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered IT consultancy services includes mobile app development, automated process reporting, AI driven text analytics, predictive customer engagement analytics. Adoption of robotics process automation (RPA) ## for deterministic and repeatable processes helps complex environments like information security breach detection, penetrations tests, etc.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Best BPO service provider from India helping international customers, proven process to manage and automate the outsourced process for Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Financial and legal BPO services. Helping outsourced KPO process for Medical Records Indexing Services, EMR Indexing Services, HIPAA compliant BPO and KPO Services, underwriting process for life expectancy.

Mobile App Development

Mobile application development & integrations with Android and iOS, hybrid application development, integrated ERP applications, storing enterprise data to cloud platforms. Ensures value added services with fast turnaround time, you can add new features and enhance existing features, from coding to interface design to deployment to launching, we offer you a complete solution.

Enterprise Survey Platform

Manage automated CSAT or NPS surveys that capture customer insights on mobile devices, by email, SMS or WhatsApp. Multi-channel, automated customer survey engagement analytics solution, customer experience management - allowing brands to connect with their customers and get rich insights using enterprise-survey-platform real-time survey reports to derive KPI dashboards, and performance dashboards.