Need a mobile application to show data from your existing legacy or local database or application? Great! Logica Infotech Team will be happy to assist you to get it done quickly. We will provide end to end solution to synchronise your local or legacy database into the cloud and show the data and reports using integrated mobile application or web application based on the requirement. The data synchronisation can be accomplished at real time or in regular intervals depending on your needs.

Many businesses have useful applications and now they wish to show reports in a mobile app.

The need for real-time data and report viewing using Mobile app development services is a growing demand currently. Business managers are using mobile applications to facilitate seamless and the real-time decision making for fast business process implementations.

Align Customer experience (CX)-Detail

The solution is no-code app development platform enables anyone to quickly create mobile or web applications that are custom-built to fit a business’ exact needs. The solution is intelligent and learns from the schema/model of your app, captures data from the existing legacy or local desktop application. The solution insights enable it to make increasingly meaningful integration throughout the app creation process and beyond.

Why mobile applications are a growing demand of the enterprises?

  • Mobile applications facilitate enterprises to cater and empower employees to deliver their best.
  • Mobile applications enable them to review data in real-time.
  • Mobile applications let employees serve to their responsibilities while not the restrictions of your time and place.
  • Mobile applications made it possible the concept of computing on-the-go.